Ivana Zuber

Remote Engineering and Team Leader

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I'm Ivana and, among other things, I love building and supporting successful, diverse, remote teams and developing fun and innovative software solutions.

I've been working remotely for the past 15 years and have had the privilege of helping scale several startups and engineering teams and develop career frameworks, mentorship programs, hire, mentor, coach, fire, lead through several company re-orgs and tough times.

  • Live in: Europe
  • Skype: zuber.ivana


Ivana Zuber
15+ years
  • Coding
  • Learning
  • Reading
  • Designing
  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS

skills & interests

  • Leadership
  • Development
  • Management
  • Workflows
  • Culture
  • Inclusivity
  • Diversity
  • Productivity


CEO & Co-founder

Zoyya 2020-present

♣ Building the first version of the product

♣ Growing the company to 15 people

♣ Securing the first round of funding

♣ Growing the product to 15.000 users

♣ Got a reward for Top 10 Startups in CEE

♣ Leading the Analyze, Growth and Marketing Engineering teams

♣ Translating engineering team vision and technical roadmap into action

♣ Hiring and on-boarding new engineers

♣ Growing, mentoring and coaching engineers

♣ Developing the Engineering Mentorship Program

Engineering Manager

Buffer Inc. 2018-2022

Founder & Head of Engineering

Tiimis 2017-2018

♣ Leading the development team, recruiting new engineers

♣ Architecting, designing and building the web app client in React

♣ Building backend api using ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server

♣ Organising, planning and preparing the sprints

♣ Designing and building the project's marketing site https://tiimis.com

♣ Building the desktop application using Electron

♣ Leading the Buffer Design System team and developing the new UI components library

♣ Leading the development of the new Style Guide and UI documentation app

♣ Leading the development of Buffer Reply client application

♣ Mentoring and coaching engineers

♣ Researching, learning and implementing new front-end technologies, best practices and tools

Senior Frontend Lead | Design Systems Team Lead

Buffer Inc. 2018-2019

Senior Software Engineer

Buffer Inc.2016-2018

♣ Architecting and developing Buffer Reply client application using React, Redux, RxJS and backend services.

♣ Built Optimal Timing Tool, Salary App, Buffer home pages

♣ Participated in the development of the Buffer Web app and Pablo.

♣ Working closely with all different team members to build new features and products.

♣ Working directly with customers to tackle bugs and answer tricky support questions.

Software Engineer

Buffer Inc.2015-2016

Frontend Engineer

Symbiont 2015

♣ Developed a frontend application in AngularJS working with the backend team (Django, Python, Flask, Blockchain, Bitcoin Core).

♣ Technologies used included AngularJS, bootstrap, JQuery, RequireJS, Bower, Grunt, UI Router, UI Grid, Git, Docker, and many more.

♣ In charge of general supervision and control of the business and affairs of the foundation.

♣ Overall responsibility for all foundation funds.

♣ Built the foundation website and Ecommerce.

Executive Director

Counterparty Foundation 2014-2016

General Manager

Counterparty 2014-2016

♣ In charge of business development, product management and developer evangelism.

♣ Testing and documenting Counterwallet web app and counterparty-cli.

♣ Managed the development of the new project website.

♣ Senior developer and Scrum Master in charge of managing and developing a complex ERP system and Silverlight applications used by the biggest Croatian companies.

♣ Developed an ASP.NET web app

Senior Software Developer

Rathmann 2011-2014



♣ Writing and editing content, conducting online marketing initiatives, market research analysis & website development and optimization for clients.

♣ Developing and/or modifying plugins: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

♣ Participated in the development of several .NET desktop applications using Microsoft SQL Server, Entity Framework, WPF, ASP.NET Web API, Infragistics.

♣ Writing code in C#, XAML, SQL, LINQ.

♣ Developed and sold over 20 websites on Flippa in spare time.

Software Developer

Rathmann 2009-2011

Customer Support Specialist


♣ Writing SQL Reports and stored procedures.

♣ Developing training materials and procedures and providing support to customers.


MSc in Software Engineering

University of Liverpool

GPA 4.0.

Participated in Project Management, Design and Programming projects. Developed Java applications & wrote min 500 words of academic content per day.

Designing a Database Strategy, Tables, Programming Objects; Designing a Transaction and Concurrency Strategy, XML Strategy; Designing Queries for Performance; Designing a Database for Optimal Performance

Microsoft® Certified IT Professional (MCITP)

PRO: Designing Database Solutions

Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist

Microsoft SQL Server Database Development

Implementing tables, views and programming objects; Working with query fundamentals; Applying additional query techniques; Working with additional SQL Server components and XML data; Gathering performance information

Digital logic; Programming and Software Engineering; Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering; Algorithms and Data Structures; Computer Architecture

Computer Science

Faculty of Electrical Engineering Zagreb


Ivana is a great engineer. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with her on one of her projects. I was blown away by not just the volume of work but the level at which it was executed at. I've seen teams with decent funding not achieve the level of work she did on her own. She doesn't stop there. It's truly a pleasure to work with her. She is very collaborative and incredibly receptive of all ideas. Ivana always manages to keep the goal in focus and push on to the next milestone. Lastly, she rounds out her skills very nicely by being able to push pixels. Ivana not only takes great care to make things work fluidly but at the same time, she ensures they look great too. 👌

Frak Lopez

Senior Engineer, Invision


Robby Dermody

Managing Director, Stoic Capital


I've been working with Ivana extensively for over a year now, on both the Counterparty and Symbiont teams, and have been very happy with the quality of her work. On top of being intelligent and able to figure things out on the fly, she's a very hard and diligent worker. The breadth of her skillset allows her to be very flexible, and to be able to adapt herself to most any situation she's put in. She's done a very good job on everything from marketing to software development for us. Highly satisfied.

Over the past year, I've worked with Ivana on a number of projects relating to digital currency, open-source software and non-profit organization management. She has proved herself diligent in the fulfillment of her duties and an all-around hard worker. She is a trustworthy and reliable employee.

Adam Krellenstein

CTO / Co-founder, Symbiont


Ouziel Slama

COO, LGO Group


Ivana was very professional to work with. Her large scope of skills made her a valuable team member. I urge any future employer to carefully consider Ivana who is a hard-working and top-performing Frontend Developer and General Manager.

Ivana's work as General Manager of the Counterparty Foundation is superb. Her breadth of skills as a designer, frontend developer, copywriter, and social media lead is very rare to find. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Evan Wagner

COO / Founder, Symbiont


Jurica Smircic

CEO, Rathmann


Ivana is a dedicated, ambitious and result driven professional who always goes above and beyond of what is asked of her. She is able to quickly pick up new skills, learn new frameworks and languages and continually deliver results. Her creative thinking, expertise, positive can-do attitude and drive made her an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.

Ivana is very committed to what she does and takes work very seriously. She is a quick and creative thinker who knows how to ask the right question, open-minded and communicative, with high IT skills. As a team member, she is a very cooperative employee and a person you can rely on. Her main tasks (besides mentoring) were to explore new technologies and develop business solutions based on the Microsoft technology. Dealing with the issues of new technology tools is just one of many challenges for her.

Ana Vrkic

Head of Department, Rathmann


Carmen Perez

Mentor for Entrepreneurs


Ivana is professional and highly skilled IT professional. She possesses superb skills and is an amazing person to work with. She is a leader in her field. I highly recommend her.

Ivana and I met through a mutual business connection about a year ago. Since then I have learned of Ivana's passion for social media and attention to detail. I highly recommend Ivana to anyone planning their social media strategy and wants to work with a professional who delivers 5 star service.

Yvonne Roga

Executive Assistant and Transcriptionist



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